New Dynamic Hotel Search & Request Booking Feature

Dynamic hotel information is now available in your Agent Studio website! You and your prospective travelers can now harness the power of Northstar’s Global Hotel Database! Additionally, prospective clients visiting your website have the option to request a quote based on their preferred hotel. After preparing a quote, you are free to book through your preferred channel to maximize your commission.

Powerful Search

Respected across the industry for its accuracy and depth of information, Northstar’s database contains over 250,000+ hotel listings worldwide. 

Users can search from over 250,000+ hotels by:
-Hotel Brand,
-Hotel Type,
-Rating Classification,
-Distance to an Attraction

The Robust Level of Information Includes:
-Concise Overviews
-Beautiful Imagery
-Select 360 Interactive Virtual Tours
-Classification Badges

With hundreds of data points, this essential tool helps you accurately analyze the best options for each client! The hotel rating system also gives you the assurance of receiving an independent & unbiased evaluation. Additionally, prospective clients visiting your website have the option to request a quote based on their preferred hotel!

Select 360 Interactive Virtual Tours

A 360-degree virtual tour gives site visitors a full-circle view of a location that allows them to virtually look-around in a 3D space. These select 360-degree images give users an immersive view of a hotel location. 

Stunning Imagery

Look like a pro and delight your website visitors with the stunning imagery of the destinations, building exteriors, lobbies, conference rooms, suites and pool-side views!

All in One View

Visitors get a quick snapshot of all pertinent information all in one dedicated area! Each listing highlights the best amenities the hotel has to offer, along with room rates, maps, events info and total rooms! Select hotels can have a dedicated rating as well, saving your guests time and guess work. Best of all, we have integrated a Request A Quote button to all listings! Your website visitors will be delighted to quickly sift through their ideal hotels and work with you to make the bookings happen!

How Do I Enable This New Feature?

Our developers have worked to make this the most seamless experience for you. This hotel database is enabled and included with your Agent Studio Subscription! Repeat….THIS IS INCLUDED FREE! This helps your lead generation in ways that a bland form can’t. You have the potential to secure deeply engaged travelers that can inform your best offerings. After reviewing the Request to Quote lead information, you are free to book through your preferred channel to maximize your commission.


Prepare for the Unexpected with Intelliguide Travel Alerts

Now, more than ever, you need to stay aware of upcoming travel changes and restrictions as they happen. Premium Agent Studio members can now stay up-to-date with the latest travel alert information from Intelliguide along with critical travel industry news and advisories. With these up-to-the-minute alerts, you have the power to learn about travel considerations to better serve your travelers and prepare your agency for the unexpected.

You’ll gain valuable travel alerts on:

-Travel Restrictions

-Potential Flight Disruptions

-Health & Safety Alerts

-Pertinent Travel News from Reputable Sources

-Severe Weather Information

From your dashboard click on Tools > Intelliguide Travel Alerts to start learn about world events that could impact travel.

These alerts are available on a newly designed feed in the tools section of your platform and can also be delivered to your inbox upon request.

Below are email samples of alerts you can receive:

With a few simple clicks, you now have the power of the dedicated Intelliguide editorial and research team that extensively monitors all global events to provide you 24/7 access of up-to-the-minute news and information so you can make critical decisions.

We are here for you if you need us, please reach out to us at support@agentstudio.com or visit our support page to learn more.

Wasting time sending emails?


We are living in the age of automation. Even our cars are becoming automated! Shouldn’t your marketing be automated too? Agent Studio knows automation is the hottest trend right now, and we also know how to help you save time and be more productive by using automation.

Agent Studio’s Marketing Center features Automated Marketing. Every Agent Studio website is equipped with this feature. Just upload your email list and we take care of the rest. What does that mean? Well, when you upload your contacts, we send them an e-newsletter called “Week in Travel” branded with your business’ name to keep them engaged. This way, you’re always staying on your clients’ mind.

With email marketing taken care of, this gives you more time to focus on growing your sales, your business, and your contact list.

The bigger your email list, the more customers we can engage for you. So what are you waiting for? Upload your email list, sit back, and let us take care of the rest!

More on how to upload your contacts.