We’ve previously discussed different kinds of content that you should add to your website. We’ve also covered topics like blogging and adding content that highlights your expertise, to get you thinking about the kind of content that should be featured on your website.

On top of that, is the fact that all Agent Studio websites come filled with content. The minute your website is live, you have engaging content, that you don’t have to worry about updating. It’s what sets us apart from other website options. It is also what will set you apart from other travel agents.

The content that is featured on your website is quite valuable. World news organizations like MSN.com, are featuring content that originates on your Agent Studio website. If they see a value in this content, then you should as well.

Why do we put so much emphasizes on content? Well, here are 4 reasons why content is key.


This is the current buzz word in marketing, and that’s because marketing has changed. Today, marketing is more than a sales pitch, especially when it comes to the internet. Your goal is to get potential customers to stop and consume your content. You want them to find the content useful and possibly share the content with others. Engaging content will help customers relate that content back to your brand and create a more impactful experience than a sales pitch. The next time the customer is thinking of travel, it is very likely you will come to mind since they found your content appealing.

Leads and Sales

Good content makes you stand out of the crowd, which generates leads and sales. How? Simple, good content is less intrusive, than an overt sales pitch or an advertorial. It helps build authentic relationships with your travel agency. once customers realize you are source of useful travel content. They won’t feel that they are being bombarded with constant sales messages which leads them to put their guard down. And gives you the opportunity to move them from content consumer to customer to brand ambassador.

Adds Value

The content that comes with your Agent Studio website will elevate your value in the eyes of your customer. It’s much more than just deals and promotions. It is content that your customers will surely find useful as well as entertaining. Articles pertaining to food and travel or top 5 places to visit in winter and even where Kim Kardashian spends her summers, don’t necessarily add direct monetary value. The value comes when your customer finds the content enlightening. If the content solves a problem, or reveals something that they never knew about travel, then its added value to your brand.

Boosts Web Traffic

This goes without saying. If your customers find your content useful and engaging, then they are going to come back for more. You can also drive traffic back to your website by sharing this content on social media or through email marketing. Your standard “business card” website with just a homepage, an about us page and a contact page will have your customer leaving your website just as quick as they arrive on it. When you give them content to interact with, then they are hanging around and browsing through your website, visiting multiple pages. This should be the goal of your website.

When you build a website, one of the first things you need to consider is content. Curating content that will make your website effective in bringing business takes time, but it is well worth it. If you’re an Agent Studio customer, then you have a head start. Your website comes with fresh and engaging content that is updated daily, which you can build on. Remember, telling your customers what you sell doesn’t cut it anymore. As you can see with the reasons we’ve explored, educating them and entertaining them through travel content is way more effective.

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