We get it, there’s not really a way to make SEO (Search Engine Optimization) exciting and fun. But the truth is, the Automated Email Marketing tools Agent Studio offers will help drive traffic to your website, but SEO will increase the volume.

I know we keep harping on about SEO, but we want you to understand it, especially if your goal is to grow your travel business. And the key to SEO is understanding how we use Google.

It’s lunchtime and you want to go out and grab something. So, you go to Google and search “Food near me.” Simple enough. Google provides results based on your location.

But what if you have a question? Most people don’t type the entire question, but rather fragments of it. “Movie times regal philly” or “Actor movie about dogs imdb.” Don’t believe me? Go to Google and lookup your search history- you’ll be surprised by the way you search for things.

Now put yourself in the shoes of somebody looking to book a vacation. You might use searches such as “Jamaica vacation planning” or “Cruiselines Florida.” How many times on travel searches do you think “Travel Agent” is coming up- because right now, you’ve got that written all over your page, but it might not be what people are searching for.

This is not to say it isn’t essential for you to have this information on your website. If somebody is searching for a travel agent near them explicitly, you should be on the first page of results. Better yet, you should be in the top three. This is done through strategic wording and lots of it across your website.

But what about the other forms of search people are participating in? What can you do to show up when people are searching fragments of thoughts to get their questions answered?

First, you need to identify the kind of things you would ask Google if you were to end up on your website. Take the content of your website and break it down into questions. Maybe the question is “Where can I easily book a River Cruise getaway?” Now you need to take it a step further. Maybe the search is actually “river cruises” or “river cruise near me” or “river cruise London” or “boat river London.” These are just a few options but there are countless others.

Once you’ve done the breakdown, you need to start integrating these types of words and phrases into your web pages as well as your Meta titles and descriptions. Plugging every single page of your website with relevant word searches is going to help get you on that first page on Google’s search.

This is the free way to get more traffic…but taking it a step farther never hurts. Once you’ve mastered the art of finding those more specific searches, you can start looking into using Google AdWords to snag that one spot. The key is to find where there’s the least competition but the highest search. “River cruises” alone is going to be competitive. But “River cruises London book now” might be easier. It’s all about striking the right balance.

Agent Studio’s Automated Email Marketing is a great help to building traffic to your website. However, SEO, when done right, will definitely take you to the next level.

Struggling with SEO? Tell us about your travel agency below and let’s start a discussion about how to implement SEO into your Agent Studio website.

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