How-To: Building Custom Slideshows

Users are now able to create and managed their own custom homepage slideshows. In this article we well guide you through the process of building and publishing a custom slideshow.

To get started, make sure you’re logged into your Agent Studio control panel. If you’re not, make sure to sign in.

Step 1: Click the “Site Customization” drop down in the control panel navigation, the menu block will expand to show more options.


Step 2: Click the “Slides” link as we’ll have to start with creating slides first. This will bring you to the slides listing page.


Step 3: Fill out the create slide form with the appropriate information. Note that not all fields are required. You are required to give the slide a name and provide at least an image (or video) to create the slide. Optionally you can add a heading, some text and a call to action button.

Once finished, click “Create Slide”

Repeat step 3 if additional slides are desired (Each slideshow requires at least 2 slides)


Step 4: Click the “Slideshows” (Fig.1) link on the control panel navigation on ht e left. This will take you to the slideshow listing page. Once there, click “Create New Slideshow” (Fig.2)


Step 5: Once on the Create Slide show page, give your slideshow a name. (Fig.1) Choose a transition type (default is slide-left) (Fig.2). Click or drag items from your available slides list in order to add them to your slide show. (Fig.3)


Click “Create Slideshow” when finished.

Step 6: Click the “Set Active” button on the slideshow you have just created.


You should now see a indicator that shows what custom slide show is now active on the homepage.


If you navigate to your site’s homepage, you should now see the custom slideshow you created visible where your standard destinations slideshow would be.


And that’s all it takes to get started with the new custom slideshow feature!

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