How-To: Export Contacts from Google

You may not have known, but exporting contacts from Google in order to import them into the Agent Studio: Marketing Center is pretty simple. To bring everyone up to speed, we have created this step-by-step guide to get you up and running.

To export contacts from Google in a format Marketing Center can import, follow these steps:

Click on the Gmail link just below the Google logo, this will bring up a drop down. Then select the Contacts link:


Once in the contacts area, click the More link which will open a drop down menu, then select Export:


When you select Export a pop up will display, select Go To Old Contacts:


Once you’re in the old version of Google Contacts click the More button and select the Export option:


When you do this, you’ll get a pop up window that will have a couple options. Choose All Contacts and Outlook CSV format, then click the Export button:


A CSV file will be downloaded from Google. Locate that file (the location can vary depending on browser and platform) and open it in Excel. Once you have it open, just simply do a File-> Save As and save it as a Excel Workbook:


Alternatively if you do not have Excel you can import the file you downloaded into Google Docs and save it that way.

And that’s it! Your Google contacts are now prepped and ready to be imported into the Agent Studio: Marketing Center!


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