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Last week we started talking about SEO. Just to refresh everyone’s memory, SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is essential in getting indexed and found by search engines for relevant searches. And this is important because the underlying reason you have a website is to acquire leads. And you cannot acquire leads if no one can find your website.
Our tip last week was to build unique content around your specialties or niches. The things that set you apart from other agents or agencies, for example if your agency specializes in European travel then you might want to add content like ”Top 10 places to visit while in Britain” or “Great shopping districts in France.” Now I would like introduce an additional element to this that will help optimize your website better…Keyword Research. Keyword Research is the process of finding keywords or key phrases that can be utilized in SEO. You are not just looking for any old keyword or key phrase; you are looking for those that have good search volume and low competition level. “How do I determine this?” you may ask. Well Google has nifty tool called Keyword Planner. This tool allows you to search keyword or key phrases and lets you know what the monthly search volume is as well as the competition level. It also gives you ideas on other keywords that may work for you. This tool is free and incredibly effective and should be utilized in all your SEO efforts.
So how will you utilize Keyword Research? As I mentioned, do some keyword research and find words/phrases with good monthly search volume and low competition levels in a niche or specialty you are passionate about. Create a list of them. Then create unique content for each word/phrase, and add that content to a page on your website. Each keyword should have specific content pieces related to it, and on it’s own page. The more unique content you put out there, the more others will find it and share it, and the traffic to your website will increase. Remember there is no magic or cutting corners in sustainable SEO, if you want to see results then you’ll have to do some work. (www.agentstudio.com)
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